Main Features
Sharp and clean metal lines offset by soft oval curves create a look that is elegantly modern, yet simple.
1.4-second high-speed startup*1 and 0.002-second release time lag*2 for breathtaking speed, a truly beautiful design, and easier operation make this new EXILIM the perfect choice for a wide range of digital imaging needs.
*1 Approximate; using built-in memory, built-in flash off. *2 Approximate time from when the shutter button is pressed from focus lock until the image starts to be recorded (flash off).
The effects of hand movement are reduced even when shooting indoors where lighting is dim.
A big, 2.5-inch monitor screen provides 115,200 pixels (480 x 240) for clear images as you compose them and for checking images after you record them.
Image Gallery
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Image recording is supported up to a maximum sensitivity of ISO800.
(when "Auto" is selected for the "Anti Shake" menu setting, or when the "Anti Shake" or "High Sensitivity" BEST SHOT scene is selected)
The effects of hand movement are reduced even when shooting indoors.
Shooting where lighting is dim without flash produces a blurry image.
A fast shutter speed eliminates image blur and captures every nuance of facial expressions.
The effects of subject movement are reduced for beautiful images.
Anti Shake is not turned on,so subject are blurred even if you hold the camera steady.
A fast shutter speed eliminates image blur.
The camera switches to the macro mode automatically whenever the distance between the camera and the subject is within the macro range. This helps to ensure that your images are always in focus and reduces the chance of focus error.
With previous Auto Focus, close-up images are often out of focus.
With Auto Macro, even close-ups are in perfect focus.
Quick Shutter focuses much more quickly than Auto Focus. This lets you capture fast-moving action, and also eliminates the chance of focus error when you ask someone else to record an image for you.
High speed combines with flash intensity control technology and high-sensitivity technology to enable flash continuous shutter. This means you capture all of the action, even when lighting is dim.
High-speed flash continuous shutter lets you shoot up to three snapshots with flash within a one-second.
EX-Z60 - Capture all of the action, even where lighting is dim.
Previous Model - Continuous shutter with flash not supported.
Using a flash when it is dark can cause subjects close to the camera to be overexposed. With Soft Flash, flash intensity is suppressed, so exposure is not affected, and colors come out looking more natural.
Existing Flash
Intensity is too strong, resulting in overexposure.
Soft Flash
A softer flash produces natural color and contrast.
The "Direct On" buttons allow quick startup of both shooting and viewing modes.
An easy operation lets you change the date and time of a previously recorded image.
* When Time Stamp is not being used.
Icon Help messages appear on the monitor screen in the REC mode to explain the meanings of icons as you use them.
Simply select the snapshot sample scene you want for quick and easy camera setups.
A dedicated button (BS) provides instant access to the BEST SHOT Mode.
This scene produces clear shots with a bright background, even when lighting is dim. It also prevents image blur due to hand or subject movement. Revive Shot lets you restore old, faded photographic prints. The restored image is digital, so you can save it on your computer, send it to friends by e-mail, or post it on your website.
Using a flash darkens the background and tends to cause whiteout of the subject.
The High Sensitivity scene produces a bright background and captures the overall mood of the moment.
Image recording is supported up to a maximum sensitivity of ISO800.
Simply shoot an image of this old, yellowed photograph.
The camera digitally processes the image to restore sky and skin colors beautifully!
33 BEST SHOT Scenes
1 Auto 12 Natural Green 23 Auction
2 Movie 13 Autumn Leaves 24 Backlight
3 Portrait 14 Soft Flowing Water 25 Anti Shake
4 Scenery 15 Splashing Water 26 High Sensitivity
5 Portrait with Scenery 16 Sundown 27 Monochrome
6 Children 17 Night Scene 28 Retro
7 Sports 18 Night Scene Portrait 29 Twilight
8 Candlelight Portrait 19 Fireworks 30 Old Photo
9 Party 20 Food 31 Business Cards and Documents
10 Pet 21 Text 32 Whiteboard, etc.
11 Flower 22 Collection 33 Voice Recording
Continuous Shutter
(normal speed, high speed)
Key Customization Macro Mode Monitor Screen Grid
RGB Histogram 4X Digital Zoom 8 Color Filters
Date + Time Stamping Calendar Screen Copy
Keystone correction Color enhancement Movie Editing
FAVORITE Folder Re-size Rotate
Trimming World Time 8.3MB Built-in Memory
10 Screen Languages VGA Movie USB Mass Storage Class Compatible
PRINT Image Matching III Compatible Bundled with Photo Loader Bundled AV Cable
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