Main Features
High-fidelity reproduction of both light areas and dark areas, for naturally beautiful images.
EXILIM Engine 2.0 reproduces gradations of a richness and delicacy never before possible. All the nuances of high-contrast backlit scenes are captured without being lost to overexposure or underexposure. The result is digital images that are faithful representations of exactly what you saw when you recorded them.
Skin and sky textures of a clarity, smoothness, and beauty never before possible
A noise reduction function targets a specific color gamut and performs selective noise reduction. Noise in the color gamut of human skin and the sky is reduced, resulting in skin textures that are beautifully smooth and natural.
In addition to 3X optical zoom, a No deterioration zoom feature makes the most of the 10 megapixels of the Z1050 to allow zooming from 4.3X up to 17.1X without image deterioration.
• 5 M Recording: Approximately 4.3X
• 3 M Recording: Approximately 5.3X
• 2 M Recording: Approximately 6.8X
• VGA Recording: Approximately 17.1X
Even when part of an image is extracted and enlarged, the resulting image comes out sharp and clear. Beautiful images can be printed up to L-size.
The contents of the wide, high brightness 2.6-inch monitor screen are easy to view, even outdoors. The camera can be configured to adjust screen brightness automatically in accordance with available light, or you can select one of three fixed brightness levels.
Select from among a number of different display styles, including an on-screen operation panel lets you change settings directly, without going through menu operations.
A centralized control panel provides easier operation.
A 16:9 aspect ratio wide screen provides more information.
High sensitivity and fast shutter speed minimize image blur due to hand or subject movement! Image blur can be minimized for beautiful images when available lighting is dim or when a subject moves while it is being recorded. This scene enables shooting at a maximum sensitivity of ISO1600*.
*With BEST SHOT ”High Sensitivity” scene
Movement analysis technology automatically selects ISO sensitivity in accordance with subject movement and sets the optimum shutter speed. High sensitivity and high shutter speed combine to minimize image blur due to subject movement. When the camera does not detect any movement, it lowers ISO sensitivity for beautiful images every time.
* When "Auto" is selected on the Anti Shake menu. (ISO: Auto and Flash Off)
Holding down the shutter button records approximately 7 images per second*2 until memory becomes full. This helps to ensure that you capture every moment of the action.
* Image size is fixed at 2M.
The new movement analysis technology of EXILIM Engine 2.0 means not only portrait shots, but even active pets, profiles, and other movement can be tracked for automatic focusing.
Simply select the sample scene that is similar to the type of image you want to record and the camera sets up automatically for perfect images every time.
Automatically enables a new skin tone processing function, which eliminates digital noise from skin. Skin tones come out smooth and beautiful.
Fast shutter speed freezes the quick moving facial expressions of a young child. Skin tones come out with beautiful translucent colors.
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*1. Approximate average brightness level at center of screen
*2. Continuous shutter speed with a SanDisk Extreme III 2.0 GB SD card, immediately after it is formatted on the camera
All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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