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A 5-megapixel CCD for beautiful images combines with manual parameter settings gives you the tools to create exactly the type of digital images you want.
The EX-S500 brings you real movie recording capabilities in a card-size configuration. It records beautiful VGA size (640 x 480-pixel) images at 30 frames per second. You can take the EX-S500 along anywhere and record movies with all the ease of snapshots. Snapshots plus movies for a whole new world of digital camera fun!
The latest version of the EXILIM Engine features the Anti Shake Digital Signal Processor, which reduces blurring caused by shaking hands or moving subjects, while the Auto Macro and Quick Shutter functions ensure that photos are properly focused.
Normal Mode
Shooting where lighting is dim without flash produces a blurry image.
Anti Shake Mode
A fast shutter speed eliminates image blur for more beautiful images.
The effects of hand movement are reduced even when shooting indoors where lighting is dim.
Normal Mode
Subjects are blurred, even if you hold the camera steady. Anti Shake is not turned on.
Anti Shake Mode
A fast shutter speed eliminates image blur and captures every nuance of facial expressions.
The effects of subject movement are reduced for beautiful images.
Ensures proper focus!
Auto Macro switches to the macro mode automatically when required to ensure that images are always in focus.
High-speed focusing ensures you never miss capturing those special moments.
The design of the EX-S500 not only makes it compact, it is also easy to use. Features include a pyramid configuration for the top that makes the shutter button easier to operate, buttons for mode-less recording of snapshots and movies, and much more. The EX-S500 is available in a choice of three fashionable colors.
* Screen and printed images shown in this web page are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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